The MinEx 2016 - 21 Business Plan  aims to drive the improvement of health and safety performance in quarries and mines

Business Plan Objectives

  • Development of a communication strategy with industry bodies

  • Roll out of an H&S management system template for smaller operators focused on the needs of the quarry and alluvial sectors, with the new H&S Act in effect 

  • Devote more resources to smaller quarry operators, to help them implement the risk-based H&S management systems

  • Gain commitment from member CEOs / GMs to reduce serious harm rates and promote conversion of commitment into actions

  • Set up and work with a quarry and alluvial gold sector group to refine the 2013 mining and quarry regulations (new regs due 2017) to suit large and small operators

  • Continue to raise awareness within industry of the new regulations, the new act, codes and guidelines and of the need to continue making changes now towards improving industry H&S performance

  • Continue to support the Training Leadership Group established by MinEx to lead and implement the improvements required in industry training

  • Complete improvements to H&S statistics collection and reporting system, and make better use of this information for both company bench marking and industry improvements.

2017 - 2018 Annual Plan